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Service Applications

The SAFELIFTER has been designed primarily for use in the water treatment industry, where its safety features can enable pumps that require regular maintenance to be lifted and lowered into and out of pump/lifting stations, wells or any confined or hazardous spaces that would normally put people’s safety at risk. It also eliminates the risks of broken chains, shackles and pumps falling during maintenance.

Given the size, scope and diversity of water management across all industries, we believe that our product will be highly compatible with and extremely beneficial to any industry where water management is required and where safety, servicing, maintenance and cost effectiveness are priorities.

With this versatility, the SAFELIFTER will be an invaluable device across a wide range of heavy industries such as water management, mining, oil, gas, and construction where hazardous environments include pump/lifting stations, water wells and toxic hazards/liquids in confined spaces, beneath power lines, and any of a number of other hazardous locations.

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