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Lifting Technology

Incorporating a cutting-edge design, high-quality noncorrosive steel,and precision engineering,the SAFELIFTER is an extremely cost efficient breakthrough in lifting technology. 

Pumps in any well or pump/lifting station need to be serviced and checked regularly. To do this, steel chains have to be attached to the pump and to the surface in order to raise and lower the pump. Despite being stainless steel, the chains are legally required to be replaced anywhere from every  few months in chemical, industrial wells to every few years in less corrosive environments and strength tested regularly, resulting in increased labour costs and lost production time.

This becomes very expensive when a high number of pump/lifting stations have to be serviced, such as by water authorities and councils, as well as in industries such as mining, gas, oil, and construction where chains are used and need to be checked and replaced regularly.

Because the Link on the SAFELIFTER does away with the need for chains, it eliminates the cost of the chains, along with the problems that come with using chains, including over-loading, broken handles, weak shackles, broken D-shackles, excessive ragging, corrosion and time spent strength testing the chains. Since the only thing that needs to be replaced with this system is the Link, which is much less expensive than chains and made to a quality and strength to withstand the environment it is used in. the SAFELIFTER reduces or completely eliminates the costs on chains, maintenance and manpower.

Using the SAFELIFTER with a lifting arm and wire rope gives more of a controlled and smooth action than can be achieved when using chains in the lowering and raising of pumps. By eliminating the possibility of chains becoming corroded or stressed and shackles or D-links breaking, there is no danger of the pump being damaged or broken from crashing back into the well. As a result, this eliminates the need for workers to go into confined spaces to recover, repair, or replace broken pumps.

An additional benefit of this system is that it eliminates the need for someone to lean into the well for the difficult task of locating the chains in the first place, thus further enhancing safety.

Furthermore, the lack of standards for stainless steel lifting equipment in the industry, means that it is difficult for companies to know if they are purchasing a sub standard or high quality product, at an affordable price.

The SAFELIFTER is made with high precision engineering, tested,certified and guaranteed to meet the highest standards in manufacturing, companies can be reassured that they are using a product certified to the highest quality. 

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