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How it Works

The SAFELIFTER is a highly innovative safety lifting device that self-aligns and attaches to cranes, lifting arms, hoists and winches.

The SAFELIFTER comes in 2 parts: the Lifter and a Link. The Lifter weighs 9.8kg, measures  22cm x 23cm, and is certified to lift 10 tonnes. The Links are made and certified to whatever weight is necessary. The SAFELIFTER will also be tested and certified in compliance with the highest worldwide standards including EU/USA (ISO/AMSE/CE). The Link can be custom designed and made to order to fit any pump or object that needs to be lifted.

Using a pump as an example, the Link replaces a conventional handle screwed into the top of a pump. When the Lifter is lowered down into a pump/lifting station to remove a pump for maintenance, it self-aligns with the Link from any angle. Once the Lifter and Link are firmly connected, they automatically lock together, enabling the pump to be lifted safely to the surface. Inversely, the Lifter will disengage from the Link once the pump has arrived in its operating position and the weight has been taken off the Lifter.

In the case of flooded or deep wells with no visibility, the Lifter can be attached to a guide wire by a shackle that runs down to a guide hole incorporated into the Link on top of the pump, guiding the Lifter effortlessly to the Link, making the SAFELIFTER 100% effective in all situations.

By eliminating the need for chains, the SAFELIFTER removes people from close proximity to hazardous situations and hugely reduces the need for compliant space entries into wells. This system provides the benefit of enhanced safety in dangerous, difficult, dirty, or toxic environments which involve the maintenance of water pump/lifting stations in the water management, mining and construction industries.

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